Yes, business cards still matter today.

With ultra-dynamic rectangles—smartphones—that connect people to the world, it’s typical to underestimate the value of business cards. This is wrong though. Business cards still do matter—and there are plenty of reasons behind this. That is why you should drop by a print shop in Dallas and print some for your next networking event.

In this article, we will tell you why business cards can still give you pleasing results.

1. It’s uncomplicated and handy.

And we’re not just talking about the process of creating them. In networking events, for example, it will take time for you to show a website—or let alone a portfolio—to a prospect who is already distracted by the event itself. Business cards, on the other hand, can present your business conveniently.

With just a few small pieces of paper and a reliable print shop in Dallas, you can make a strong impression of your business or your profession.

2. It’s not expensive.

…unless you are planning to ask a print shop in Dallas to produce gold-plated business cards. Seriously, business cards will not drill a hole in your pocket. Let’s say you have a workshop this weekend and you want to print ten business cards, you just can print a batch of 25 and save more for future use.

You can still have a few ones left for your physical shop’s customers, your next networking event, or even a food festival. And it won’t cost you a lot. It’s also a good deal if they can print and deliver your business cards fast.

3. It helps your sales.

That surprised you, didn’t it? It’s actually true. Here’s an example. If you run a business with a small team, you can spend a small amount on premium business cards and reap helpful ROIs. According to Small Business Rainmaker, business cards can help your sales boost up to 2.5%.

To big-time sales rock stars, that’s a small percentage. But to a growing team, that will be like hitting two birds with one stone. You’re adding to your annual earnings and you’re meeting important contacts! Check here if you want to try printing premium business cards for your next networking event.

4. If you do it right, people will do business with you.

Did you know that a big 39% of people hesitate to connect with entrepreneurs or freelancers who have badly designed business cards? If they can conclude that you invested time and effort in printing premium business cards, that will make an impression that you’re a force to be reckoned with. That you’re not someone who goes for cheap, DIY things.

This, in turn, will encourage them to connect and stay in touch with you. Perception is important in business—and you can nail this in a cheap but effective way through printing business cards! Visit website to know more about printing good quality cards.

Where to find reliable printing services

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