Choosing Student Accommodations – What to Look For

For some college students, one of the best yet scariest moments in their lives is getting the opportunity to move out and find a place of their own to stay, or at least until they graduate. In Queensland alone, it’s estimated that there are over 210,000 students currently enrolled in the city’s universities. The quality of student accommodation Queensland has available will vary depending on the budget of the student. The good news, however, is that the cost of accommodation is still relatively cheaper when compared to other regions in Australia.

Your budget should be the number one priority

We cannot stress this enough: look for accommodations that fit your budget. The first question that should be on your mind when looking for a place to stay is, “Can I afford this?” The answer to that question will be critical in helping you sort out your options. If you’re looking for student accommodation near University of Queensland, for example, you should bear in mind that the costs will be relatively higher compared to other accommodations that are farther away from the university.

So even if the location is perfect, the cost of staying in that locale might eat up a lot of your finances, which you may come to regret later. Think about your budget and consider if paying more will be worth it.

Consider the location

Another important thing to look for when you’re trying to book student accommodation is the location itself. It’s not just about the actual place you’ll be staying, but the surrounding area, too. Ideally, there should be transportation options that are easily accessible and available when you need to go to school and back. There should also be nearby shops and stores where you can buy food and drink in your PJs. Of course, having an internet café or two within walking distance would be great as well.

Of course, don’t forget to check whether the place you’re going to stay in will be close to your university. The good news is that most of the student accommodation Queensland has to offer will typically be near the schools, anyway.

Check the amenities and facilities

The amenities and facilities will greatly depend on the type of accommodation you will be staying in. Will you be staying in a university dorm, a student apartment, a hostel, or a house shared with other students? The best student accommodation Queensland has to offer will have options such as single rooms, double rooms, bunk beds, and even studios or apartments with several bedrooms. Depending on the situation, you might also want a place that is wheelchair accessible.

For students, having a study area is a must, because you won’t be able to go outside to the library all the time. You should also check if the place offers laundry and cleaning services, maintenance, recreational areas, and an active social calendar, although the last one will depend on whether or not you’re looking to have an active social life. Some students just want a place to stay and rest, so go ahead and look for the amenities that suit your personal preferences.

There are plenty of affordable student accommodation Brisbane has available, whether in Queensland or other locations.