5 Ways to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Any occasion can become more special with flowers. Flowers are often given during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions.

How long do cut flowers last?

As much as we want to enjoy seeing flowers in a room, cut flowers do not stay fresh for a long time. The majority of cut flowers last for a week. Cut flowers’ freshness will also depend on the condition of the flowers when you bought them and the type of flowers used in the bouquet.

Five ways to keep cut flowers fresh for a long time

However, you can make cut flowers fresh for more than a week if you take good care of them. Here are five ways to keep them fresh and vibrant for a longer time:

1. Use clean water and vase

Use only clean vase and water to keep your cut flowers. Bacteria and fungi present can hasten the decay of flowers. Also, the roots serve as the flowers’ filter from microorganisms.  The absence of roots allows microorganism to enter the flower’s water vessel, interfering with water absorption.

To slow down bacterial growth, always remove dead foliage.

When it comes to the quality of water, avoid using water that has high concentrations of minerals. Dissolved minerals can interfere with the flowers’ capacity to properly absorb water. Also, use warm water because flowers can absorb them more efficiently than cold water.

2. Trim the stems

Regularly trim the stems of your flowers for about ¾ to 1 inch using a sharp knife or scissors. Use only sharp floral cutters, scissors, or knife to prevent damaging the water vessels in the stems. Trimming the stems regularly allows proper water absorption.

3. Use flower food

Cut flowers need nourishment to strive. Although there are lots of household products you can use to extend the life of cut flowers, commercially available flower food is more effective. Flower food has balanced amounts of sucrose, acidifiers, and microorganism inhibitors that cut flowers need to stay fresh longer.

  1. Check the water level

Regularly check if your flower vase still has enough water. If you are using floral foam, the water level should be above it. Moreover, if you need to change the water, make sure that you follow the water-flower food ratio well.

5. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight

Place your vase away from direct sunlight, heat, and wind. Keep them away from appliances that give off heat as these can cause dehydration. Also, keep cut flowers away from fruits which release ethylene and cause premature decaying.

Flowers make excellent gifts.

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