What Are The Benefits of Servicing Your Kia At The Dealership Service Department?

Does your Kia need some servicing? If so, then you should bring it to the Kia dealer service department.

But, if you are having second thoughts, don’t worry because we’re here to help you in making the best decision.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the top benefits of bringing your car into the Kia service department.

kia dealer service department

  1. Highly-trained and Experienced Mechanics

One of the benefits of going to the Kia dealership service center is that your vehicle will be handled by highly trained and experienced mechanics. As a matter of fact, all their mechanics have gone through special training and most of the vehicles they are working on are from Kia. What’s more, they have enough knowledge of the vehicles’ inner workings.

However, if you’re planning to bring your car to local repair shops you need to think again because there are times that such shops use the wrong type of oil that may damage your Kia’s engine. Actually, repairing a damaged engine is more expensive than the Kia Picanto service cost and other models.

  1. Great Customer Service

Kia customer service is undeniably great and top-notch which is very important most especially if the business wants to keep their customers coming back. Since they are representing a reputable vehicle brand or manufacturer, they’re doing their best to meet the needs of their customers no matter how complex they are.

  1. They are only using original parts provided by Kia

Maintaining your Kia properly is very important especially if you want to extend its life. For this reason, Kia’s service technicians and mechanics only make use of manufacturer-provided components/parts. Such parts are specially designed and made to work according to the specification of the vehicle. As a result, your vehicle will work without glitches the moment they are mounted.

On the other hand, Kia backs some of their parts most especially the expensive ones with a decent warranty. Meaning, units that are defective will be replaced for free.

  1. Track the maintenance history of your car

Bringing your car to the Kia dealer service department will let the mechanics keep track of its maintenance history. In case you didn’t know this will help in increasing the retail value of your vehicle. From the repair to routine maintenance, mechanics at Kia will give you accurate service records. It is also worth mentioning that the technicians can also use the records in solving problems in the forthcoming.

  1. Using the right tools

Aside from using the right parts, mechanics, as well as technicians at Kia dealer service department, are using the right tools when checking for problems.

When a local repair shop offers you a free check-up, you need to think wisely if you will accept it because there is a tendency that the diagnostic is wrong. If you do, you will end up spending more cash to get something repaired when that something is not the issue with your Kia.