Buying LED Strip Lights: What About It?

Good lighting choice can dramatically transform the atmosphere of any home. With the advances in modern lighting technology through the solid state devices like the light emitting diodes or the LEDs, it is now possible to add very innovative lighting in your home. When it comes to the solid-state based lighting, one of the most popular options is the use of the LED light strip in lighting various parts of the home and even in applications such as mood lighting.

The LED light strips can be used as a great source for some secondary lighting in the home. They can be used in lighting some of those hard to reach areas of the house such as under the cabinets. LED strips lights can also be used for decorative purposes such as adding some colorful accents or even changing the mood in the room in order to suit certain occasions.

When you are buying the strip lights, it is important to know what constitutes good quality. Good quality strip lights will last for a very long time and that means you will not have to make any quick replacements in your strip lighting. Quality in the LED light strip is determined by the quality of the LED resistors, chips and coatings. As a buyer, you may not have the technical knowledge to determine whether the electronic components used are of the best quality. It is therefore important to evaluate the performance of the lights as well as the user experiences before you choose your trusted supplier for the LED strip lighting installations.

There are many other quality factors in the strip lighting that you can inspect visually before you make the purchase. The most important of these is the number of the LEDs in each strip as well as the distance between the LEDs in each of the strip lights.  A five meter strip for example, can have anywhere from 300 to 450 LED chips. Poor quality strip light products may have much less of this number. When these chips are too far apart, the strip light may not have the right luminance or light concentration that will provide you adequate lighting in your home.

Another important thing that you can easily physically inspect is the physical track of the LED light strip. The PCB track is made using copper but copper does not come cheap. Some manufacturers may cut costs by using thin copper strips that will lead to higher resistance in the strip light and thus reduce the longevity of the lighting. Due to the high resistance, thinner strips also lead to poor heat dissipation which causes overheating and an earlier electrical failure in the strip lights. When you are shopping for the strip lights, look for ones that have thicker copper tracks which have better durability. These strips also do not bend easily.


The size of the resistors will also determine whether the strip light will be a durable one or one with a shorter life-span. The cheaper ones generally have very smaller resistors which have the same weaknesses as the thinner copper tracks discussed above. The better quality LEDs will have the recommended sizes for the resistors. If you have a problem selecting the right kinds of the LED strip lights for your home, you can ask your electrician for further assistance or talk to the retailer on the various options available.

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