Factors to consider before buying a fridge

The demand of fridges Melbourne, both for commercial and domestic use, has increased over the years. A refrigerator is an electric appliance that runs 24 hours seven day a week. Therefore it is advisable to purchase one that is durable and of high quality. The market is offering a wide range of fridge models that all vary in their features. Since selecting a fridge that is most suitable can be confusing, ensure that you purchase your appliance from a licensed refrigerating company such as Cold Display Solutions. It is known in selling, renting and leasing fridges Melbourne. In addition, it offers maintenance services to the users of  freezers and fridges Melbourne.

Below are factors that you should consider before acquiring a refrigerator

Running cost

Once you buy a fridge, it is a permanent electrical appliance that is estimated to be consuming almost 20% of your electricity bill. Therefore, one of the major factors to consider before acquiring one is the refrigerators energy rating. It is advisable therefore to establish how much power the fridge that you are targeting uses in addition to its purchase price. Go for brands that issue power saving models, preferably those that have the European Union energy label.

 This kind of label rates and classes the appliances energy efficiency from “A” to “G”, where A-rated fridges have the highest level of energy efficiency and the G-rated have the least level of energy efficiency. However, if the fridge is for commercial purposes, you can opt to rent a freezer instead of buying it. This will save you some money. In addition, it would be of advantage if you opt to purchase it in the end since this is a fridge that you are familiar with.


It is good to consider how much of your groceries can fit in the commercial fridges that you intent to purchase. Where the fridge is to be used for commercial purposes, ensure that it can be able to hold a large quantity of the products that it is cooling.

The size of the fridge

The fridge should comfortably fit in your kitchen space without squeezing other items. In a situation where you are building your kitchen, have the size of the fridge that you are planning to buy beforehand in order to incorporate it in the kitchens design. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy an already existing kitchen a fridge, ensure that you have the measurements of the area that you intend to install it before purchasing. Moreover, ensure that there is adequate space around it for easy accessibility. Notably, consider the height of its users when determining the appropriate fridge height.

Means of financing

One of the factors that you need to put into consideration when planning on purchasing a fridge is establishing the means of financing such an acquisition. You need to budget for an appliance that you can afford. Where ready cash is not available, you can seek financial assistance from a company that offers fridge freezer hire services. The company allows you to hire the fridge for a specific duration of time at a lower cost than that of buying it.

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