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How to Make the Best Pulled Pork

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Juicy and pulled porc is one of the best delights in many UK dinner tables. But what are the best pork recipes for creating truly authentic and delicious pulled pork for your family and friends? The pulled pork that is truly authentic is in fact a barbecue dish that has been cooked for several hours on charcoal pits until the meat begins to fall apart. Once the slow cooking is over, it is now ready for shredding and serving. Here are some tips on how to make pulled pork that is truly tasty.

Choicest cuts for pulled porc

For pulling purposes, the pork shoulder is generally ideal. This is because you can find optimum fat content on the shoulders and this will offer you a tender and melty meat. However, this should be cooked slowly in order to allow the proteins to break down well. Do not take it out of the oven too early.

The best part of the porc that can be used in the pulling process is the upper cut of the shoulder although you can choose to have the meat in the bone. Some prefer the bone in the meat because it helps in keeping the meat moist although many prefer to have their porc boneless. When you are trying to make the best pulled pork, it is advisable to purchase the best quality meat that you can get or afford in the UK supermarkets. The organic welsh pork is generally good meat quality.

Beneath the skin

Ensure that the pork shoulder which will be used in the pulling is skinless. This will allow for the flavors to permeate the meat. If you cannot do it yourself, ask the butcher to skin it for you although you should not let the pork skin go to waste. The skin can be roasted in order to ensure that it is crunchy; it can subsequently be served as a snack or on the side. You can check out some of the healthy recipes with pork at in order to get more ideas on seasoning as well as timing for cooking pulled pork.


In cooking beef, marinating always creates some juiciness but when it comes to pulled pork, a dry up will create the tenderness.

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Japanese Restaurants in Bangkok – an extra boon

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Bangkok being the capital of Thailand has attracted travel-buffs from all over the world since the 1960s. Famous as City of Angels and for mischievous nightlife, it has succeeded in drawing tourists more than any other place in the world. Stretches of sandy beaches, islands, flora and fauna, museums, palaces and many world heritage sites as well as shopping malls selling commodities of various local and international brands force tourists to visit Bangkok at least once in a lifetime. Often referred to as a cocaine of the world, this place has something more to offer to wanderlusty populace across the globe. One such thing is the lip smacking cuisine from all over the world. And if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, then Bangkok japanese restaurants can make you drool with their culinary expertise in starters, main course, accompaniments as well as desserts.

If a restaurant is located in a crowded area, and yet it proffers mastery in serving elegant and sophisticated customers with outstanding Japanese cuisine, then it’s bound to be a hit. And if an internationally acclaimed chef is in charge of adding a modern twist to the authentic flavours of traditional cookery, then it is certainly an added boon.

Sneak through a house of variations:

Not just quality Japanese foods, a well-decorated ambience with an accommodation for more than 100 diners where they are given a choice of seats in Western style and sushi bar with an opportunity to watch sushi being prepared is a cherry on top of the cake.

Restaurants with private rooms and variables like Western and Tatami style as well as Botan meeting rooms with vibrant and warm decor across the resto enhance the vitality of the place. You can treat your taste buds in some of the acclaimed Bangkok japanese restaurants in Sukhumvit where they offer you a range of dining options and allow you to savour the taste of pure joy. A delectable meal in any such place will certainly elevate your mood.

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