Welcome to the Ever-Expanding LEGO Land


LEGO never goes out of style. It only gets sleeker and more interesting. While a lot of us grew up with the simple toy-block offerings, you can now buy LEGO in different shapes, sizes, and characters to fire up your child’s imagination.

buy lego
buy lego

One reason why these toys remained to be childhood staples is the benefit it provides. Research have confirmed that playing with these innocuous building blocks does not only enhance a child’s sense of shapes, patterns, and colors, but also help in motor-skills, spatial awareness, and lateral thinking. Some also claim that kids who play with LEGO fare better in math subjects!

Whether or not the latter is true, for children, the thrill lies in creating something from scratch with their own hands. Thus, LEGO toys are all about giving them more options to play with.

What to buy?

One look at the website of Mr. Toys Toyworld, Australia’s leading toy store, gives you an idea on what LEGO Land has expanded into. It’s not just buildings anymore – entire cities or even parts of Tolkien’s Middle Earth can be constructed, block by block.

To add a dash of fun, you can introduce your child to Homer Simpson and his family. LEGO The Simpsons brings to you figurines of these characters from the popular television series. You can also buy an entire set (which comes cheaper than individual figures) and let your child create their own unique story lines and character interplay. Maybe they can get Homer to move away from the TV every once in a while and give up on donuts!

For more practical-minded ones, LEGO Technic has always been the go-to choice. Even though the level of skill involved in making these working models of planes, cars, trucks, etc., are a little advanced, these could not be more suitable for teenagers.

LEGO Star Wars is another one of the hottest-selling collection on the roster.

The company also offers Ninjago, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit toys. All in all, there are 31 LEGO themes and about 470 products for different age groups are available at the store. This includes a few collectors’ items. read more

The search is over for the best Bingo Ipad app.

The search is over for the best Bingo Ipad app.

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Sitting down with nothing to do, bored, and fed up with everything else, there is a solution close at hand. With an ipad it is pretty easy to access sources of entertainment like ipad bingo. Ipad bingo sites have really started to proliferate recently.

There are two big rivals in the overall “tablet” market. There is, of course, Apple. They came in two to three years ahead of the Android and Microsoft based competition with the tablet. This meant that most tablet bingo apps were written for Apple products. Alternatively, bingo apps were written for android phones. Since then, they have been adapted to run on tablets.

However, Apple intends to keep up the market pressure. First, there was the release of the IOS 8 mobile operating system. Shortly after that, there was the iPad Air 2. This variant came with faster processors, giving it even more enhanced graphics. Microsoft is trying to keep up, with the Surface Pro 3 tablet Google and HTCcoming along with a tablet run by an android operating system, the Nexus 9.

Where do all these “techie” developments leave the ipad bingo player? Also, how does all of this affect those who want to use free ipad bingo apps? All of these technological developments will considerably enhance everyone’s playing experience. A whole new world for those who want to play ipad bingo. This will bring faster and longer playing game modes and an improved use of the tablet’s largest screen space. Also, these apps are written for high resolution Retina displays. There is also the possibility of using the front camera for video chats. With increased speeds and computing power, more players can play and “social” features can be added.

There is a lot of software being written for ipad bingo. Type in ipad bingo on any search engine, and pages of games turn up. Therefore, the problem is finding out what the best applications are so that the tablet can be turned into a really good bingo ipad.

Which is the best ipad bingo app? Which game will give the chance of the best bonuses? These are among some of the best bingo apps for ipads. read more