How to Make the Best Pulled Pork

Juicy and pulled porc is one of the best delights in many UK dinner tables. But what are the best pork recipes for creating truly authentic and delicious pulled pork for your family and friends? The pulled pork that is truly authentic is in fact a barbecue dish that has been cooked for several hours on charcoal pits until the meat begins to fall apart. Once the slow cooking is over, it is now ready for shredding and serving. Here are some tips on how to make pulled pork that is truly tasty.

Choicest cuts for pulled porc

For pulling purposes, the pork shoulder is generally ideal. This is because you can find optimum fat content on the shoulders and this will offer you a tender and melty meat. However, this should be cooked slowly in order to allow the proteins to break down well. Do not take it out of the oven too early.

The best part of the porc that can be used in the pulling process is the upper cut of the shoulder although you can choose to have the meat in the bone. Some prefer the bone in the meat because it helps in keeping the meat moist although many prefer to have their porc boneless. When you are trying to make the best pulled pork, it is advisable to purchase the best quality meat that you can get or afford in the UK supermarkets. The organic welsh pork is generally good meat quality.

Beneath the skin

Ensure that the pork shoulder which will be used in the pulling is skinless. This will allow for the flavors to permeate the meat. If you cannot do it yourself, ask the butcher to skin it for you although you should not let the pork skin go to waste. The skin can be roasted in order to ensure that it is crunchy; it can subsequently be served as a snack or on the side. You can check out some of the healthy recipes with pork at in order to get more ideas on seasoning as well as timing for cooking pulled pork.


In cooking beef, marinating always creates some juiciness but when it comes to pulled pork, a dry up will create the tenderness.

Leave it overnight

If there is sufficient time for cooking the pulled pork, you can mix some sea salt and sugar inside a bag and then rub this over your pork before leaving it to lie on your fridge overnight. Before, it is put in the oven, it should be rinsed well with your choice of spices so that you can have meat that is truly saline.

Sugar plus spices

For some subtle flavor, you can add paprika, salt and sugar. However, for a more spicy flavor for your porc, add mustard powder, garlic powder, cumin or even cayenne pepper.

Add some water

The pork shoulder can be positioned in a wire rack and then water added. Place it inside a baking tin before you place it inside an oven.

Low and slow cooking

Cook 2kg of meat for at least two hour on a heat that is a very slow and at a temperature of about 140 degree Celsius. If the meat can be pulled apart easily with the help of a fork, then it is now ready to be taken out.

Shred it

If you have carefully followed recipe up to this point, the meat is now ready for pulling. Use two forks in order to separate the meat outwards from the centre. The fatty bits of the meat should be discarded. Take care not to over shred the meat. Some nice large chunks should be left intact.

Make some barbecue sauce

Use the cooking liquor that evaporated from the porc and mixed with the cooking juices of the pork in order to make some sweet tasting sauce. You can drain off the excess fat and then add a piquant to this mixture.

Once you have done that, serve it with some sweet bread. Visit them online at

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