The Coolest Guy in SEO: Kris Reid

With over 1 billion websites running streams of information around the world, it can be a daunting task trying to stay relevant and ranking on the top pages of major search engines. That’s where Kris Reid comes in with superb internet marketing skills and online tools that transform the smallest website into an internationally recognized brand.

By targeting the right keywords and adjusting your website content, Kris and his team of ranking engineers work tirelessly around the clock to keep you ahead of the competitive internet marketing game. He puts the following strategies in play to help you transform your business to international standards.


One of the most instrumental tricks used to improve page rankings and drive more traffic is the quality of content used to describe services and products on websites. Kris Reid’s Ardor Media Factory puts quality before any other strategy and this is evident in the hundreds of websites that have so far been transformed into highly ranking authoritative platforms. Search engines like Google have also made it easier for this strategy to work by filtering the most original content on specific niches and ranking them on their top pages. This ultimately gives the customers more confidence to try out products and services offered by such websites.


Another major consideration to have in mind when doing page ranking is the originality of the website content in relation to the niche it addresses. Ardor SEO has employed top-notch writers to craft the most original content for your niche to ensure that your site is also considered an authority platform by not just the search engines but also by your visitors as well.

Backlinking from Authority Sites

As opposed to the earlier SEO strategies that called for backlinks to be directed from low quality links, Ardor Media Factory applies new strategies of building links only from Authority websites of the specific niches thereby guaranteeing a consistent and reliable top page ranking. Backlinking from authority sites has an upper hand over random backlinks made from unreliable websites and search engines have become stricter with this requirement. This strategy is the most effective in the current page ranking business and Kris has perfected it by employing the most creative team in the Philippines and Cambodia offices.

Diversifying Anchor Texts

We use the first strategy of quality content to cement our backlinking prowess and ensure that your websites are never flagged by Penguin Update, where the anchor texts used in your content are diversified at the recommended density of 20%. The success of these and many more strategies have been made possible by the coolest guy in SEO Kris Reid from Ardor Media Factory. From the outstanding results witnessed by hundreds of happy clients, there is no doubt that Kris knows not just the theory of page ranking but actually puts it into practice every other day.

Get started by contacting Ardor SEO and leave the daunting task of getting your online business highly ranked to the experts. Kris Reid and his team continue to develop new strategies to ensure they keep your website ahead of your competitors at all times.

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